Level Design Work for DOOM ETERNAL

DOOM Hunter Base design breakdown

During DOOM Eternal I was responsible for Designing and World Build this map. During the Design phase I was responsible of establishing the pacing and flow of the map.


There were many elements to consider during this phase. For instance the level needed a train sequence. This one took some ingenuity to achieve. I created some simple walls at first and bind them to a series of movers that would end up moving in one direction, spawning and de-spawning to create the illusion of an infinite tunnel. The train needed to stay in place the entire time to allow combat to take place in it while maintaining the idea of motion.


The rest of the map took some trial and error to get some of the pacing and flow established. We needed to tell a story with the environment. The DOOM Hunter boss needed some epic presentation before the big showdown.


Part of the idea was to have the player move trough the facility while the Boss is being assemble. The intent was to establish foreshadow for the boss in all of the set pieces that compose the environment and the gameplay.


The coffins that turn out to be a wall jump platform, were part of this foreshadow. Part of the narrative is that these coffins were excavated from some ancient ruins where these creatures used to live and after a long time, the cultist scientist manage to excavate and re-animate the bodies of these ancient warriors. Throughout the map the player will see these coffins floating by, creating the path for the player to follow.


Finally, the arena spaces. The image above is what the original idea was meant to be. A multi-stage with transforming platforms that would change the way the combat goes based on the boss damage stages. Later on the space got turned into a static multi platform arena. The image below shows the main arena at the start of the map where originally it was a rather large space that would work to show the assembly process for the DOOM Hunter and it would help orient the player towards the final goal. The space got redesign on the final phase of production to allow a more traditional DOOM combat flow.